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Coil Tube Control System

Coil Tube Control System

Coil Tube Drilling (CTD) is a drilling technique that combines coiled tubing with directional drilling. A reservoir system is created using a mud motor. Depleted wells, unconventional gas shale, underground coal gasification, and coal bed methane are examples of common uses. The coiled tubing device is capable of running thousands of meters of joint-free steel pipes into oil and gas well production tubing for workover activities like well cleanout, fishing, fracturing, and acidification. For transporting, it is coiled onto a big diameter reel. Coiled tubing reduces tube tripping time and eliminates the requirement for make-up and break-out of singles. It continually circulates workover fluid downhole, replacing and filling it at predetermined points, preventing reservoir damage and assuring operation safety.
Coiled tubing equipment comprises a tubing reel, injector, control panel, power pack, and pressure control system which are integrated to control modules such as PLCs which then provide real-time data on operation data. Components are controlled through a HMI which signals the PLC (or the control module) to initiate a relay which then operates the equipment through drives. It offers a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative for well intervention operations compared to conventional workover rigs.

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