SMEC Oil & Gas

Futuristic offshore Oil rig

The dim steel supports of Stage Holly rise 235ft (72m) over the waters of the Pacific Sea, only two or three miles off the St Nick Barbara coast. Over the water, this decommissioned oil rig is dull and dead, however the view underneath the surface is totally different. Underneath the waves, beautiful fish, crabs, starfish and mussels assemble on the tremendous steel arches, which stretch for more than 400ft (120m) to the sea depths.

There are in excess of 12,000 seaward oil and gas stages around the world. As they channel their supplies of non-renewable energy sources underneath the ocean, they at last become outdated when they produce too little fuel for extraction to be beneficial to their administrators.

The unavoidable issue is how to manage these colossal designs when the non-renewable energy sources quit streaming. With controling environmental change ascending the worldwide plan, and with some doubting whether we have proactively passed top oil, rushed by the Covid pandemic, the quantity of ancient apparatuses in the sea is set to get greater. Eliminating them from the water is inconceivably costly and work escalated. Permitting them to rust and fall into dilapidation is a natural gamble that could genuinely harm marine biological systems.