SMEC Oil & Gas

Generator Safety System

Diesel generators are a popular choice for industrial settings as a reliable, long-lasting, and efficient backup power source. Proper safety measures and protective systems are essential for adequate and reliable operation of the equipment.
Generator components, such as overload relays, low oil pressure shutdown mechanisms, and high-water temperature protection, are crucial for safe operation. Overload relays protect against excessive current loads, while low oil pressure shutdown mechanisms shut down equipment if oil pressure drops below a predetermined limit. High water temperature protection prevents overheating, as overheating can cause clogging of the radiator or pump failure. Fuel shut-off solenoids obstruct fuel supply in case of low oil pressure or overheating due to water temperature. Battery charger protection devices trip if charging voltage or current exceeds a certain level, increasing battery longevity. OCIRs break circuits when they sense a fault current, providing a comprehensive protection system for the power system. Negative Phase sequence protects equipment from hazardous electrical conditions caused by a 120-degree phase. Protection relays detect and isolate affected equipment to prevent further damage. Other electrical safety devices, such as ground protection relays, circuit breakers, and reverse trip relays, are also integrated to ensure a safe operation of generators.