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Servicing & Recertification of SCR System

Servicing & Recertification of SCR System

The Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) House or System is one of the key setups on a rig / facility irrespective of if it is a Floater or Onshore Rig. An SCR House is in charge of supplying DC power to the facility’s essential machinery. Onshore rigs have an SCR Housing that is movable, It is commonly constructed similar to a 40 feet container in steel and encloses functional components such as motor control centres, engine & generator controls, SCR control cubicles and other instruments that support the system. While on floater we have an inbuilt system that has a similar configuration serving the purpose but integrated to the rig itself and so recognized as an SCR System. In either case they support drilling operations and the systems are custom built to match requirements. The system operates within the range of 600 V to 1200 V DC which is obtained by converting the AC power supplied from the grid through rectifiers / inverters which are housed in the SCR Houses / Systems. The DC power is given to the working machinery in the rig/facility. The machineries used in the rigs/facility commonly run on DC supply.

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