SMEC Oil & Gas

VFD House / E House

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is the component of the rig/facility that is in charge of supplying AC power to the facility’s essential machinery. The enclosure is a steel structure which provides optimum protective environment for the controlling devices, moreover the enclosure is cooled using a HVAC system to reduce the heating which is caused during the VFDs operation. The VFD system controls the speed of the machinery by varying the frequency of the power supplied. The VFD operates between 460 V to 690 V AC. Modern VFDs are equipped with torque regulators which eliminates the need for mechanical breakers along with programmable digital controls with standard communication protocols.

VFD power houses are custom designed with the highest quality material combined with the latest generator and superior AC drive technology and controls. Our VFD power-houses are designed to deliver reliable performance in demanding drilling environments. SMEC-designed VFD house is incorporated with all the necessary arrangements for the requisite power solutions required for AC drives, MCC, control system components, and all the hardware required to generate and distribute power for the available equipment on the rig.

The customization of the systems for designing shall be undertaken with the customer input for completing a user-friendly system that can be made in a scalable architecture. We also support for optimization of user requirements in respect to distribution panels, Orientation and handling capability viz. top lifted, skidded, or trailer mounted as per the drilling contractor’s site layout and transportation methodology. The system offers superior performance and control for drilling operations with optimal monitoring systems.


  • ILand drilling operations


  • Streamlines energy delegation and conversion for reliable service


  • Advanced AC variable frequency drives (VFD) with integral dV/dT filters for compatibility with drawworks topdrive and mud pumps
  • Generator controls for automatic breaker closing synchronization and load sharing
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and communication networks for ease of operation
  • Formed wall construction with insulation in walls, ceiling, and under skid
  • Variety of transportation character- istics (skid mounted, top lifted, or trailer mounted)
  • Covered and protected subfloor wiring with removable plates and rubber matting
  • HVAC systems rated and designed for 100% sensible heat loads
  • Greater dynamic braking and rectifier capacity for longevity
  • Includes remote input/output boxes and critical sensors
  • Two personnel doors with convenient, foldable steps
  • Porch mounted equipment includes power and lighting transformers, VFD dynamic braking resistors