SMEC Oil & Gas

Drill Watch System

The SMEC DMS3000 Drill Monitor System to give operators a clear, unambiguous overview of critical drilling and mud data processes. The system has been developed by SMEC Oil & Gas to greatly improve how information is presented using modern display technology, multi-color and coded graphics and flexible screen configurations. Designing the new system meant replacing the obsolete and outdated monitoring stations with a new modern solution which will based on open Architecture with a powerful Schneider M340 Controller. The high-end CPU and IO cards were used for processing the signals and its compact footprint allows easy integration into the existing processing cabinets. The solution includes the bespoke development of new intuitive SCADA software by in-house engineers, hosted by Powerful Ex Proof IPC’s, a Citect SCADA server and multiple clients were implemented as the visual interface with displays fitted within the existing drilling console arrangement, a new ATEX compliant HMI display will be provided for the pit room.

The SCADA solution allowed for the flexibility required in the graphics generation, along with the responsive refresh/update times required to ensure that the rig driller has live drilling parameter data. Multiple configurable pages were made accessible from each operator station to maximize operational efficiency. Pages available included Drilling/ Coring Screens, Tripping/ Casing Screens, Well Control/ Circulation Screens, Weight Indicator Screens, Pit Volume Screens, Configurable Strip Chart Screens, Drilling Maintenance Screens and System Maintenance Screens. Where possible existing instrumentation and barriers/signal conditioners were retained but where required industry proven instruments and barriers shall be provided ensuring reliable and accurate data.

The DMS3000 by SMEC offersa quick and cost effective solution for clients considering, total replacement of systems or a partial upgrade to their existing drilling instrumentation systems. Our technical in-house expertise allows us to tailor each new system to meet your exact needs meaning that you do not pay for functionality you will never use.

Basic Operation

The DMS3000 utilizes a variety of sensing technologies (Typi-cally: Level, pressure, height, temperature and flow), to monitor the drilling process, sensor output signals are received by the distributed I/O racks and are then processed by the High per formance Controller. Processed information is then transmitted through network communication modules to each of the user interfaces including remotely networked PC’s and local HMI’s. System and operator interface communications may utilize Modbus or any means of communications which is suitable for the site. System can also provide control for motor stop/starts, valve control, emergency shutdowns and allows CCTV integration. Maintenance & diagnostics stations are provided along with data logging and remote access options.