SMEC Oil & Gas

Drill Monitor System

The SMEC DMS3000 Drill Monitor System is designed to give operators a clear, unambiguous overview of critical drilling and mud data processes. The system has been developed by SMEC Oil & Gas to greatly improve how information is presented using modern display technology, multi- color and coded graphics and flexible screen configurations. High-end CPU and IO cards are used for processing the signals and its compact footprint allows easy integration into the existing processing cabinets. The solution includes the bespoke development of new intuitive SCADA software by in-house engineers, hosted by Powerful Ex Proof IPC’s, a SCADA server and multiple clients are implemented as the visual interface with displays fitted within the existing drilling console arrangement, an ATEX compliant HMI display will be provided for the pit room. The SCADA solution allowed for the flexibility required in the graphics generation, along with the responsive refresh/update times required to ensure that the rig driller has live drilling parameter data.


  • High performance Controller & remote IO Racks
  • Multiple client PCs to serve Driller, Tool pusher and other users as required
  • Multiple access level secure against
    unauthorized system modifications to drilling parameters
  • Large format touch screens installed in a driller’s console
  • Tool pushers IPC operator station with desktop monitor
  • Hazardous Area Touchscreen HMI for use on the pit room to monitor mud pits and trip tanks
  • DMS3000 by SMEC offers a quick and cost-effective solution
  • Total replacement of systems or a partial upgrade to their existing system
  • Multiple configurable pages
  • Pages available included Drilling / Coring Screens, Tripping / Casing Screens, Well Control / Circulation Screens, Weight Indicator Screens, Pit Volume Screens, Configurable Strip Chart Screens, Drilling
    Maintenance Screens and System
    Maintenance Screens