SMEC Oil & Gas


Power Control Room House (PCR House) is an enclosure that is responsible for the transmission and control of the power supply to a rig/facility. These enclosures encompass the VFD house and SCR house which transmit AC and DC power respectively. They also house power controlling equipment such as switchgears and transformers that play a crucial role in regulating the power supply. These enclosures are steel structures that protect the equipment from the surrounding environmental factors such as temperature and moisture along with added facilities like HVAC for the cooling of the electrical equipment. PCR houses are turnkey solutions for power supply. Installation of PCR houses are cost-effective in case of the project’s overall budget compared to a dedicated construction made of concrete. This structure can also be moved to a different location, therefore proves to be a reusable component. Moreover, the equipment can be made to custom power requirements and interchangeability of electrical components ensure longer utilization period.