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TDS House

The Top Drive System (TDS) is responsible for the control of the rotary motion of the drill string which enables the boring operation of a well. TDS systems are robust and more efficient compared to the conventional Kelly system. Various factors such as torque and speed of the drill ring affect the efficiency of the drilling operation. The TDS control unit is specifically designed to give the necessary power required to perform the drilling operations in an oil well with less hassles.
The TDS control unit partially automates the drilling process by eliminating the need to manually change the connection (making and breaking) of the pipes. The components that enable the working of the system includes Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Contactors, MCCBs, MPCBs and Inverters. The mains provide the power source to the components of the unit. The unit is also air conditioned (cooling units are installed on both sides) so as to remove the operational heat produced by the components while functioning efficiently (most components which are incorporated into the system are rated with high current and voltage capacities).

The TDS control unit can be run with minimum human supervision as it can be controlled with the help of a remote-control unit. The remote-control unit is operated by the drilling operator from the cabin which is placed at a considerable further distance from the TDS unit. The remote-control unit consists of dial gauges that give the operator the measure about the speed (in RPM) and torque (in Nm.) developed in the drill string. Toggle and Rotary Switches are provided for controlling the movement and position of the drill as well as the equipment speed.
At SMEC Automation we manufacture and assemble Top Drive Control Systems along with the Remote Controlling Unit with remarkable quality and standards; tailored to your industrial requirement. Our systems guarantee reliability and efficiency. Proper maintenance and check-ups at regular intervals are recommended. The service workforce at SMEC Automation are competent professionals who ensure that every equipment serviced is functioning adequately in all aspects.